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Chris Rogers

Mayor of Santa Rosa
5th District

Jackie Elward.jpeg

Jackie Elward

Mayor of Rohnert Park

Brian Barnacle.jpg

Brian Barnacle

Petaluma City Council

Jamie Thistlewaite.jpg

Jamie Thistlewaite

Superior Court Judge, Ret.

Una Glass.jpg

Una Glass

Sebastopol City Council

Lynda Hopkins.jpeg

Lynda Hopkins

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, 5th District

marta cruz.jpg

Marta Cruz

Cloverdale City Council

Lynn Hamilton

Sebastopol City Council, Ret.

Victoria Fleming FB Pic.jpg

Victoria Fleming

Santa Rosa City Council,
4th District

Dennis Pocekay.jpeg

Dennis Pocekay

Petaluma City Council

Don Frank

PAC Treasurer,
Sonoma County Democratic Party

Natalie Rogers.png

Natalie Rogers

Santa Rosa Vice Mayor, Santa Rosa City Council, District 7

“Carl is the candidate that will allow all parents to feel their children will be treated fairly in Sonoma County, that they will be safe. As a former police officer, Carl appreciates and respects our deputies as well as the sacrifices they make each day. In order to restore the community’s confidence in the Sheriff’s Office, we need a great leader that will put in the work. Carl T is the man for the job and has my vote.”


Kathleen Finigan

Commissioner, District 1

Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights

"I am delighted to offer my wholehearted endorsement of Carl Tennenbaum to be our next Sheriff. After too many years of hardnosed, calloused Bull Connor style Sheriffs who ride roughshod over integrity, honesty, transparency, and accountability, Sonomans now have an opportunity to vote for a genuine progressive who embraces all the above -not as campaign

logans but as the man he actually is.
Carl has had an impressive 32-year career experience in law enforcement, as well as having an intelligent approach to effective policing. I want to emphasize the man who would be my Sheriff: he's authentically compassionate and has volunteered with Acts of Kindness in distributing food to homeless encampments and at NAACP food giveaways, just for starters. He was there at Andy's Unity Park last June honoring Andy's birthday. Not to campaign, just to be with people and share the grief.

Carl not only endorsed Measure P, but he also worked enthusiastically to help get it passed! He's a member of NACOLE, the National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement. Carl is a Democrat; his two opponents are Republican. And perhaps most important, Carl promises that if elected, Measure P will be his policy as Sheriff!
So, if you voted for Measure P along with 65% of our fellow citizens, Carl is the man you want to see as our next Sheriff. He listens to the people. Please join me in voting for Carl T. for Sheriff!"

Laura Sparks.jpg

Laura Sparks
Cotati City Council

"As a community college teacher, I care deeply that my students feel safe and that law enforcement is there to protect and serve them. It takes empathy, compassion, and a willingness to change to get there. Carl is the candidate who can lead the Sheriff’s Office in the positive direction it needs to go. He is committed to proactively engaging with the community he serves, and being accountable to us. I am proud to support him!"

Isaak Schwaiger.jpg

Izaak Schwaiger
Civil Rights Attorney
Former Deputy District Attorney for the County of Sonoma

"Carl will bring new vision, leadership, and compassion to an office that has struggled to keep pace with the changing expectations of the community it serves. Carl is a cop's cop, a public servant who has lived his life behind a badge - not a desk. He knows what it means to make the hard decisions, and he knows that the trust and respect of the people of this county must be

earned. I endorse Carl for Sheriff because we are long overdue for a change, and because the hardworking men and women of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office deserve a leader who is not afraid to do the right thing, a leader who leads by example, and a leader who will demand the best of every peace officer in his charge. If you want change at the Sheriff's Office, Carl is the only candidate on the ticket."

Susan Jones.jpeg
Susan Jones
Chief, Healdsburg Police Department, (Ret.)

“I’m endorsing Carl because I believe that the Sheriff’s Office needs a change of culture and he is the candidate who can do that.  Carl’s values reflect a leader who understands the importance of a department that reflects the community it serves, that transparency builds trust and without trust, there will be no community partnership.” 
Susan Collier Lamont.jpeg
Susan Collier Lamont
Social Justice Activist

"I've devoted years to creating a more accountable and transparent Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, and I am delighted to endorse Carl Tennenbaum to be our next Sheriff. He knows that communication, empathy, and transparency are keys to safer streets. Safer communities and safer officers are what we all want and need, and Carl knows how to take us there."
Aaron Peskin.jpeg
Aaron Peskin
San Francisco Supervisor

"As someone who has known Carl for over 20 years in his role in law enforcement, as a County Supervisor and personal friend, I strongly support him in his race for Sonoma County Sheriff.  He has the law enforcement experience, smarts and know-how, but most importantly, Carl is a compassionate, community-based person who truly cares about his community and making it safe.  As a San Francisco police officer, he was deeply committed to making the City safer
for all of us. And, in an era of society rethinking law enforcement, Carl is a uniquely equipped, progressive thinker and doer who is ready to rise to the occasion of 21st Century law enforcement. Vote for Carl T. for Sheriff!"
Susan Adams.jpeg

Susan L. Adams, Ph.D

Former Marin County Supervisor District 1 (2003-2015)

“Carl brings compassion, a sense of humor, and a balanced approach to dealing with the complexities of human nature. As Sheriff, Carl will commit to provide professional, fair, and compassionate public safety services with integrity and respect for all!”


Diane M. Goldstein

Lieutenant, Redondo Beach Police Department, (Ret.)

“Carl’s 32 years of policing experience and his commitment to his community reflects in his ability to seek out new ideas and different perspectives, to consensus build and to develop reasonable positions that enhance public safety. Carl is approachable, engaged and committed to ensuring that the Sheriff’s Office is transparent and accountable to its constituents.”

Alice Dicroce

Sergeant, San Francisco Police Dept., (Ret.)

"I've worked for and with Carl Tennenbaum and he's the real deal. Solid, and while empathetic and compassionate, Carl is cognizant of the need for public safety.  He's the guy for the times and for the county of Sonoma!  I fully endorse Carl T for Sonoma Sheriff!"

Community Endorsements

John Adams
Mark Alvarez
Risa Aratyr

James Arnswald
Meryl Azar

Scott Baer

Kimo Bailey
Sheila Baker
Troy Ballinger
Larry Barnett
Eric Barton

Helen Baum
Tara Beiden
Dana Bellwether
Vinona Bhatia
Mary Bishop
Jason Blankenship
Lynn Bloom
Jana Blunt

Rebecca Bolton

Troy Bolton
Rolando Bonilla
Ann Boone

Dean Bordigioni
Darnell Bowen
Renata Brilliger
Jenna Britton
Josette Brose-Eichar

Andrew Bucholtz
Margaret Buhn
Robert Bulwa

Pat Burley

Robert Burnett
Steven Burnhaut

John Cabrinha
Janice Cader Thompson

Kurt Campbell

Craig Canton
Ernie Carpenter
Abigail Castaneda
Gregory Clatk
Wendy Cole
Peter B. Collins
Bryan Cooper
Thomas Costello
Toby Cowan
Elizabeth Cozine

Carol Crabill
Marta Cruz
Peter De Gregorio

Robert Dischler
Laura Doty

Jim Duffy
Mary Dunnigan
Jack Dupre
Marsha Vas Dupre, PH.D
Michael Durrette 
Rebecca Dwan
Andrew Engdahl
Victoria Erville
Stefanie Fackrell
David Faingold
Omar Farmer
Jaron Farnham
Dominick Favuzzi
Rebecca Fein

Ron Fein
Omar Figueroa
Gina Foley

Zahyra Garcia
Barbara Gay
Bob Geary
Ed Gilard
Kathryn Glaser
Megan Gordon

Ava Grail
Barbara Grasseschi
Dave Goff
Kila Gomer
Cristina Gonzalez
Megan Gordon
Jonathan Greenberg
Ilene Gudelsky
Stephen Harper
Richard Hechler
Amanda Hembree
Nancy Higham
Marylou Hillberg
Maddy Hirshfield
Laurie Lynn Hogan

Raquell Holmes
Elaine Holtz
Bruce Hornberger
Alcina Horstman

Danna Hoshino
Rob Howard

Alison Hunt

David Hunt

Jennifer Janeczko
John Jimerson
Gail Jonas
Liz Jones
Trevor Duckworth
Susan Jones

Marc Kahn
Brandon Kampschuur
Georgia Kelly
Deborah Kermode
Michael Koellsted

Tasha Koellsted
Kristen Kohary
Linda Lamb

Susan Lamont
Linus Lancaster
Barbara Lee
Linda Lee
Robert Lee
Debra Leschyn
Laura Lewis
Corinna Liebowitz
Tony Lisoni
Mark Lobato
Lorenzo Logoreci
Karen Lynch 
Walt Maack
David MacArthur
Iliana Madrigal
Anne Magnie

Jan Mallery

Michael J Marcum
Sylvia Marie
Gabe Marlow
Brittni Marrufo

Alfonso Martinez
Danny Martinez
Roy Maxson
Dennis McDevitt
Tina McDevitt
Asher McInerney
John McInerney III

Edward McMahon
Alex Melgarejo
Sandy Mello
Steven Meloan

Jason Mertz-Prickett
Kathleen Mino
Mark Mino
Hubert Morel-Seytoux

Abby Moreno
Katrina Morgan
Laura Morgan
Attila Nagy

Eve Navarro
Philip Nereo
Scott Nevin
Danielle Newman

Jay Newman
Remy Newman
Michael Nicholls
Christopher Nielsen
Claudia Norby
Ken Norton
Kahleen Nowak
Gina Olsen
David On
Kelsey O’Rourke
Ned Orret
Fatima Overton

Colette Owens
Meena Patel

Dr. Neela Patel 
Trina Patton
Carrie Paulsen

John Payne
Monica Payne
Omar Paz
Evan Phillips
Anna Pier
Will Pier
Dennis Pocekay
Anthony Portelli

Dominic Portelli
Jon Provost
Laurie Provost
Karen Preuss
Luis "Lucho" Quezada
Alexandra Rahn
Bretta Rambo
Grace Rawlins
Joanne Regalia
Rick Reisman
Maricarmen Reyes
Sandy Reynolds

Al Ribaya
Nancy Richards
Jacqueline Rigoni
Dr. Randy Rischette
Miguel Rivera

Lazaro Robledo
Alicia Roman
TinaMarie Romo
Michael Rosa
Dennis Rosatti
Tom Rose
Jonathan Rosenblum
Karrin Ryan

Howard Sapper
Gina Schwartz

Steven Jay Schwartz
Anne Seeley
Jeremy Sharp

Will Shonbron

Joshua Simmons
Gail Simons

Kevin Simons

Lynne Sonenberg

Michael Sonza

Lisa Stalteri
Joy Sterling
Alan Stevens

Lynne Stone
Steven Striepeke
Catherine Swanson
Paula Szoka
Steven Takemoto
Annie Tate
John Tavernakis
Kathy Taylor
Angela Tennenbaum

Douglas Tennenbaum

Lisa Tennenbaum
Jerry Threet
George Valenzuela

Ellen Vandelaarschot

Jim Vandelaarschot
Bobby Vardakastanis

Mark Walsh
Demaris Walton
Eric Walton
Kent Walton

Tracy Walton

Carol White
Larry White
Linda White

Ruth Wilson
Terry Winter
Devon Wintermute
Edmond Wong
Jessica Wong
John Wyman
Gary Yarbrough

Gina Yarbrough

Kyle Yarbrough
Steve Zivolich
Abigail Zoger
Stephen Zollman
David Zouzounis